Androscoggin County ME Subdivisions


Profiles for 14 County Subdivisions in Androscoggin County Maine

There are 533 county subdivisions in Maine known as minor civil divisions (MCDs).  There are 433 towns which are functioning governmental units, each governed by a board of selectmen.  There are 34 plantations which are functioning but not necessarily active governmental units, each governed by a board of assessors.  There is one gore which is a nonfunctioning nongovernmental geographic subdivision of a county.  There are three American Indian reservations that constitute four county subdivisions.  There are 22 incorporated places which are independent of any other MCD and treated as MCD equivalents.  There are also 39 unorganized territories. 

Subdivisions in Androscoggin County

Subdivisions that are also Incorporated Places have an asterisk(*) and the link takes you to the Community Profile for the Incorporated Place.